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A total of 2592 businesses have published 7844 reasons to stay in Sweden. The tourism industry is amazing.


The Basetool concept includes all the services and tools you need: Basetool Business Licence, Basetool Company Web, Basetool Maps, Basetool Booking and Basetool ECRM

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– We want to be part of as many websites as possible where visitors are searching for information ahead of their holiday. By being part of, and Vä, we can reach so many more potential visitors, which in turn means that more people find their way to our own website. By connecting online booking to my pages in Basetool, I get quite a few direct bookings that way too.

— Annika Johansson, Ramsvik Camping


- Basetool makes it easy for us to work effectively with our marketing on our own website, while at the same time being seen in a greater context on the destination page. We have full control of our information and don’t have to update content in multiple places. By embedding some of the destination’s events and experiences on our website via Basetool, our visitors get a great picture of everything that’s going on in the area.

— Diana Soljaga, hotel manager, Hotell Stella


“A stylish and easy-to-use application that allows us to introduce ourselves in an interesting and practical way. Perfect for destinations with many different players!”

— Sofia Schyllner, communications officer, Högbo Bruk

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