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Frequently asked questions and answers

How Basetool works and what functionality it offers.

Why Basetool?

Business owners administer their own content and therefore have full control of what is published and where. The content can be shown on websites, in apps or other channels. In addition, you get a platform for collaborating with other players in the tourism industry.

Who can use Basetool?

Basetool works equally well for all tourism businesses, regardless of size or activity.

How do I benefit from using Basetool?

Basetool offers you the chance to be seen on one or several websites, company website, event calendars, in apps etc. By being more visible, you reach more visitors and new customers, giving you more business.

What is Basetool Company Web?

An attractive, responsive company website with an easy-to-use administration. If you already have content in Basetool, it doesn’t take much work to create your new website. You only need to create your content once to reach visitors through many channels.

Why should I use Basetool?

By using Basetool you become part of a larger context. You benefit from the strength of a larger organisation, while maintaining your own identity. By administering your own content, you maintain control over your texts, images and other media.

How can Basetool make my job easier?

With Basetool, you can work when and where you want to. You can quickly create a new presentation page or edit existing content on your computer or smart phone. Through Basetool, you can create contact networks of industry colleagues and start new collaborations.

What makes Basetool different from other systems?

In most other systems, the tourism content is administered centrally. Basetool allows businesses to administer their own presentation pages and take responsibility for their own marketing. Basetool is specifically developed for the tourism industry and is continuously improved with new smart functions.

Is Basetool difficult to use?

Throughout the development of Basetool, the goal has been making the system as user-friendly as possible. Even someone who is not used to it can quickly learn and there is support available along the way..

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