Basetool Booking – ticketing system

A long-awaited new booking system for events and experiences at set dates and times. Fully integrated with Basetool and an important piece in Basetool’s complete solution for destination development.

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Ticketing – a part of the complete Basetool system

The ability to book experiences linked to a set time and date via a mobile phone is high on the wish list of today’s travellers. We want to book our experiences on location or beforehand via or smart phones, just like we already book our hotel rooms. There is a range of independent apps and services for ticketing, but the big point of difference offered by Basetool Booking is its unique connectivity with the complete Basetool suite of products.

How we use it

Marstrand’s Havshotell uses Basetool Booking for its exercise classes

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How it works

  • Ticket management
  • Applications
  • Reports
  • ECRM
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    Easy to create and activate tickets

    The advantage of Basetool Booking is that users can easily create an event in Basetool for one or multiple occasions to which tickets are then assigned. As soon as they are activated, they are bookable online on your own website or destination page. The customer purchases your ticket and receives a QR code that you can scan with your phone to ensure all data runs through the Basetool system.

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    Both paid and free reserved events

    Music events, theatre events, guided tours, excursions, seminars, lectures, courses, exercise activities, julbord (Christmas smorgasbord), activity package deals, tours.....and much, much more.

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    How many tickets have I sold?

    Use any QR-scanner app in your phone to read the guests’ tickets. This will generate Basetool reports showing how many tickets you’ve sold, how many remain and how many people actually attended the event.

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    Customer register in Basetool

    All data is managed through Basetool, which means all customers who have bought tickets end up in a data base, an electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) system that is part of Basetool. That way you can access your customer register including names, email addresses and phone numbers, and have the ability to tag and make comments. It’s invaluable for creating your own mail-outs and offers.

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