Basetool Company Web

Basetool Company Web is our smart responsive business website, which can display content already uploaded in Basetool. That means you only have to upload your offers in one place to use it both on your own website and the destination tourism website. A perfect solution if you have a lot to offer but not a lot of spare time.

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Discover Basetool Company Web

The difference is in the completeness of Basetool – everything is connected. Work efficiently with your marketing. Upload once only but receive exposure in multiple channels.

Always updated content

Efficient administration in Basetool means you have full control of your own information and can ensure updated content in all your digital channels, which saves time and money.

User-friendly and easy to administer

The website is developed in Umbraco CMS and has many smart functions. In addition to your own profile, colours and fonts, you can choose between three different themes – all focusing on large images for inspiration and sales.

Direct information for messages

If you have spare tickets or need to cancel due to inclement weather, the function Direct Info in Basetool allows you to publish information that will be displayed as a slide on Basetool Company Web for up to 24 hours at a time.

Listing pages and smart calendar

If you have a lot of things on offer, you can use listing pages for services, events and packages/offers. You can also display your events on an attractive and clear calendar page.


Connect your events and packages with Basetool Booking to let visitors buy tickets directly via their laptop, tablet or smart phone.

We will help you

The total price includes 3 hours of support to get started. If you want us to build your entire page, we can do that for a reasonable hourly rate.

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