Basetool Maps

Basetool Maps is developed with a specific goal in mind – giving visitors the best possible information about trails, tourism services and points of interest presented on a map. Basetool Maps allows you to create maps for hikes, road trips, city walks, bike trails, cultural walks and much more. A host of custom-designed functionality and presentation of interesting destinations with map location, images, text, video and audio create enormous possibilities.

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Discover Basetool Maps – innovative maps

It should be a natural aim to give visitors a modern and more environmentally friendly alternative. A potential future replacement of printed maps, Basetool Maps can also be a significantly cheaper alternative. A printed map can quickly become out of date, while a digital map can easily be updated and customised, as the range of services or location of trails change.

An in-depth experience

Use text, images, video and audio files directly on the map, on the trails and by the points of interest to make the experience as rich as possible.

Sweden is amazing

The number of international visitors wanting to experience our beautiful nature is growing. Basetool Maps can support the presentation of both navigation and content in several languages.

Never lost

Visitors can mark their own position by one click to locate the three closest points of interest, making the experience even more exciting and saving battery life.

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