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Basetool’s main concept is enabling you to administer your own content in one place in order to allow you to showcase it in many different channels, products and services. When you submit your presentation pages for publication, they are reviewed and approved by a coordinating organisation, which is usually your local tourism organisation. That way, all information is subjected to quality control, which is an assurance for all parties.

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Market yourself to more visitors and increase your business

Basetool gives you the opportunity to be seen on one or more websites, company website, events calendar, in apps etc. You will benefit from the strength of a larger organisation while maintaining your own identity. Because you as the business owner administer your own content, you retain full control over your texts, images and other media.

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  • Real-time opening hours
  • Own image bank
  • Language
  • Events
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    – What’s open?

    According to several surveys, this is the most common question asked at the tourist information offices. In Basetool, you show your current opening hours in real time. You can pre-set opening hours for the whole year or for different seasons, to ensure the correct opening times are always displayed on your presentation page.

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    Use the smart functions of the image bank

    In Basetool, each business has its own image bank to manage and organise its images. If your images are well organised, it is much easier to find the right image at the right time and to create new presentation pages. You can also share images with other businesses or tourism organisations, which is great if different businesses are creating joint packages.

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    Basetool is adapted for different languages and once you’ve added a language, you have the opportunity to translate your presentation page to that language – manually or by using Google Translate. If you want to have the page translated through Google Translate, just tick the option ”Translate automatically with Google” and choose which language to translate the page from. Another smart function is the ability to use the Swedish text as a reference while writing or translating to another language.

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    Publish a new event in 5 minutes!

    Effective marketing of your events. Upload an event in less than 5 minutes. Publish. Done!

Keep Basetool in your pocket

Basetool 4 mobile is a simplified mobile version of Basetool for business administrators.
Add opening hours or direct information, create events on the go, and upload images straight into your own image bank.

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