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A total of 2592 businesses have published 7844 reasons to stay in Sweden. The tourism industry is amazing.

Connects and communicates

Basetool doesn’t just give you a digital tool, but a complete package. All our products are connected, all functions developed according to the shared objective of systematising and simplifying the marketing of your destination. Regardless of which channels you choose, you’ll find the solutions and tools in Basetool, specifically developed for the complex tourism industry.


The destination’s businesses update, market and administrate their own offerings, while the organisation approves what will be published in the channel. A guarantee for continuously up-to-date and quality-controlled information. Collaboration between the tourism industry players is strengthened and the roles become clearer.


Digitally, your visitor can reach your destination and business round the clock. The experience is enhanced and the trip simplified, both before and during the visit. Basetool’s infrastructure and functions mean new business opportunities, new ways of working with customers and new ways of organising your business.

Builds relationships

Destination development requires clear goals, a holistic view and collaboration – between different levels of government, industries and visitors. They are all dependent on each other. Basetool has the functions required to communicate, inform and promote participation.


The Basetool concept includes all services and tools you need:
Basetool Destination Web, Basetool Maps, Basetool Booking, Basetool Web App, Basetool API and Basetool Out.

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User feedback:


– It’s great that Basetool Destination Web is so widely used. That means we can work together for changes and share the cost of developing new functions. In our experience, the supplier is also eager to continually develop and improve the product.

— Emanuel Sjöberg, web master, Göta Canal


Thanks to our decision to let the businesses administer their own accounts, we have increased the range of quality products on our website and gained a better contact with the players in the region.

— Hanna Månsson, web strategist, Visit Östergötland

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