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Frequently asked questions and answers

How Basetool works and what functionality it offers.

Why Basetool?

Basetool is the obvious choice for anyone that needs a complete solution for digital destination marketing. It offers several connected products that cover the requirements of the tourism industry. Basetool also ensures a division of labour that benefits all players.

Why should I choose Basetool for my destination?

There is a comfort in investing in a system that is continuously developing and improving, and which is already used by many destinations. Over many years, Basetool has been customised and developed with a focus on tourism to ensure it is the leading tool for destination development.

Why choose Basetool instead of developing one’s own tool?

Basetool is a ready-made platform that is already being used by multiple players. You can start using it immediately, which will save time and money. Basetool is also a complete solution with enormous potential to complement it with niche products for specific purposes.

Why Basetool Destination Web?

Because it gives you a destination website with up-to-date content that is easy to administer and is completely integrated with Basetool. The concept can be further customised according to the customer’s needs. The website displays a mix of inspiration, editorial content and business offers.

What sets Basetool apart from other systems?

The decentralised division of labour is unique to Basetool. The businesses administer their own content and offers, while the organisation reviews and quality controls, which results in a much more efficient division of labour. Functions for classifications and filtering give the administrator control of what content is displayed where.

Does Basetool work in international markets?

All Basetool producer have full language support. In addition to the ability to mirror the Basetool content in the selected language, the language versions can also be adapted to suit the relevant market and target audience

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