Basetool API - Basetool OUT

You can enter offers and information in Basetool before displaying it in multiple places, for example different websites or apps. For full control and the ability to steer function choices, Basetool API is the best solution. If you prefer a simple and easy-to-use event management system, Basetool OUT is your best choice.

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Retrieve Basetool content to external sites or apps

Basetool can be used as a product database for a website or app developed by other web development companies. By using Basetool API, like many councils do, destination events can be integrated into the external website. Basetool Out is a framed solution designed for customers to showcase Basetool events on, for example, a council website.

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Development environment

If you are a developer and need to get started with the API, you will get access to a development environment that is continually updated with live data. When you are ready to begin production, you will get access to our production environment. The API is a web api based on a RESTful architecture. The API is not public but each connection must be signed according to OAuth 1.0.

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