Basetool Destination Web

A responsive destination website where images are the focus for both inspiration and the visual experience. The site has an advanced search function, is easy to navigate and has a consistently clear and stylish layout. Basetool Destination Web is developed through Umbraco CMS open source.

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Large images effectively sell the destination

Basetool Destination Web is a concept used by many destinations. Based in a basic design, it can be customised to create a graphic identity or specific functions that make each website unique.

Advanced search functionality

Search and filter the destination’s content, categories and location. Search based on position or current location. The search results are also displayed directly on the map. Site maps mean faster indexing and structured data for displaying location, opening hours and events directly in Google search results.


This gives you access to multiple sites in the same installation for a regional page, local destination pages and theme pages. Each can have its own individual URL. The web sites are linked through the drop-down menu "Our websites".

Integration and social media

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Basetool is also connected to TripAdvisor’s API to display visitor reviews. It is also integrated with Samtrafiken’s journey planner Resrobot and with Apsis for the destination’s newsletter. Advertising with Google Analytics tracking.

Smart functions and page types

  • Themes
  • Landing page
  • Mosaic blocks
  • Listings page
  • Presentation pages
  • Map functions
  • Image
    Layout and themes

    Based on two basic versions, the page can be customised to create a graphic identity or specific functions that make each website unique. If you have a lot of content and want to clearly display multiple links, it is smart to use the dropdown menu. It I also possible to order additional design or a tailor-made theme upon request.

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    Use images as inspiration and to lift your message

    Capture your visitors by building an attractive landing page engages them. Create slide shows with beautiful effects, showcase your content in a clear and clean design and sell by using call-to-action buttons.

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    Dynamic mosaic blocks

    The coolest event listings are created by using image blocks creating a mosaic effect through the combination of different-sized blocks. 

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    All content is already in Basetool

    The listings pages retrieve the content you choose to showcase from Basetool. Choose between different types of offers, categories and areas. The lists are clear and help visitors get a good overview of what the destination has to offer. Depending on the type of product listing displayed, visitors can see real-time opening hours, dates and call-to-action buttons.

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    The businesses’ own miniature websites

    Each business that uses Basetool can show its products on its own presentation pages in Basetool Destination Web. Businesses with multiple presentation pages can easily connect them to give visitors an overview of its entire range.

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    Clever map functions

    Our smart map solutions in Basetool are displayed on their own map page. The visitor easily navigates between map, trails and images for maximum inspiration. If you want to bring it up another level, add the app Basetool Maps for a seamless integration from Basetool Destination Web.

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