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Destination development requires clear goals, a holistic view and collaboration – between different levels of government, industries and visitors. Between the community and its visitors. They are all dependent on each other. Basetool has the functions required to communicate, inform and promote participation among the tourism industry and other players at the destination.

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User-friendly solutions to complex challenges

The destination’s businesses update, market and administrate their own offerings, while the organisation approves what will be published in the channel. A guarantee for continuously up-to-date and quality-controlled information. Collaboration between the tourism industry players is strengthened and the roles become clearer.

One system for destination development

Basetool doesn’t just give you a destination page. All our products are connected, all functions developed according to the shared objective of systematising and simplifying the marketing of your destination. Regardless of which channels you choose, you’ll find the solutions and tools in Basetool.

Your own Basetool channel

You can present what you have to offer through several different websites or apps. In your own channel, you decide who is involved and what is seen. Here, you control membership, areas, categories, classifications, booking systems, topic channels and publishing levels.

Review and quality control

More contact points ensure participation and ownership. Besides quality control and content approval, the channel owner is in direct contact with the businesses via the notifications function. It is also possible to write and share news that reach all businesses in the region.

Content management

We dare say that our content management system is the most user-friendly and comprehensive solution in the industry. Product management, language versions, image bank, social media connectivity, bookings and tools for statistics and data export – just to mention a few functions.

Decide what to display and where

You can control where to display your content in different ways. It is convenient to work with topic channels and filter the categories. Selection lists can direct content to campaigns, theme pages, council websites and apps

Your own collaboration group

It is simple to communicate through your own group, with functions such as a shared calendar and group mails. Keep your members updated, share images through your own image bank, and work with document for effective project management. It can also be used as a public web page.

Work efficiently in Basetool

  • The Basetool Channel
  • Leaderboards
  • Image bank
  • News
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    Work in your own Basetool Channel

    The channel administration has a user-friendly interface, very simple forms and drag-and-drop functionality. You can search for and list businesses, users and regional content in the channel. You also manage access, review and approve presentation pages, and write information and news to the businesses. Here is also where you handle topic channels and publishing levels, create selection lists and public events, and administer and export statistics and data.

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    Leaderboards sell the most

    A great way to showcase and market your offerings is working with targeted leaderboards in Basetool. It’s easy to make Top 10 leaderboards or selecting interests or products for campaigns or special events. Unlike regular listings, a selection list can also show presentation pages from several different main categories.

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    Share image folders in the image bank

    Each business has its own image bank to manage and organise its pictures. It’s easy to keep things in order, sort and find images by using the bank. An organisation can also share an image folder with businesses in Basetool and a business can share images with another business. Not a bad idea for a shared destination or when creating package deals and needing to use one another’s images.

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    Keep everyone up to date

    It is easy to keep businesses and organisations up to date by using our news functions. You can write news intended to reach all businesses within your own channel or choose an area. All news is shown on the businesses’ own starting page in Basetool.

Keep Basetool in your pocket

Basetool 4 mobile is a simplified mobile version of Basetool for business administrators. Add opening hours or direct information, create events on the go, and upload images straight into your own image bank.

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